Eastern Machine & Conveyors, Inc. purchases, repurposes, and resells used conveyor belting, conveyors, and equipment. We also custom build conveyors and conveyor systems.

Our goal is to recondition/repair used conveyor belting and resell it to our customers as salvageable/repaired belting in order to meet their specifications and needs at a substantial cost savings over the purchase of new conveyor belting. Any belting that can’t be reinstalled onto a conveyor system is sold to other industries as repurposed rubber.

This repurposed rubber is used in various applications such as rubber matting, fencing, stamped parts, and other general purpose applications.

We strive to meet the specifications and needs of every customer! Additionally, we carry an inventory of new conveyor belting in order to meet the needs of those customers that require new belting rather than used.

Our custom built conveyor systems and other equipment are manufactured as per each customer’s specifications and drawings. We strive to complete our conveyor systems in a timely manner and pride ourselves in precision to the plans we are provided. These conveyor systems and equipment are shipped to customers worldwide as well as within the Continental United States.

Eastern Machine & Conveyor’s reputation precedes us in proving to provide exceptional results. We strive to play our part in making this world a better place in which to live, putting sustainability at the forefront of our goals, and leaving a cleaner footprint behind for generations to come!